Shannon (exene) wrote,

It really is quite cute when Matias calls to tell me something like he bought a shirt with my favorite painting of Bettie on it.
And it's sometimes annoying, but still cute how his "favorite" things are things that are my favorite, that I showed him. I'm sure he likes them 'cause they're cool...but I'm sure there's also a part of him that likes them because they remind him of me...maybe just a little.
I should no better than to geat all freaked out over him or us or our future. It really isn't so much just him anymore's things I read, things I see that promote certain ways of I was talking about in my last entry.
But I also read an article recently...reminding me one of the ways a guy says "I love you" is by letting you hold on to his favorite shirt or garment of clothing or whatever...I have that.
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